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I  guide people on their self-discovery & authentic personal brand journey based on 3 developed stages which can be done through different formats - 1:1 coaching or in form of Workshops.

My goal is to always bring as much value as possible at every client interaction, therefore, I take on clients only through application as well as limit the amount of clients I work with and the number of formats I run at any given time. 

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In this part of the journey you will  unapologetically submerge in understanding who you are, what you like, what you believe in, what drives you and all the other building blocks that make up the whole you. I provide you with the resources and tools to approach different aspects of your inner truth. Also, I guide you to explore different angles to find the way that is the most impactful for you.

Authentic Personal Brand

Once you've reconnected with all your inner facets, the next step is to formulate it in a way most true to you and to use it as a base for external alignment in all aspects of your life. Be it for your professional career, romantic relationship, next home, hobbies - or anything else that you want to focus on.

I support you with crafting your authentic story through exercises and worksheets to achieve tangible outcomes.


After having a clear understanding of yourself and the story you want to share with the world, we then look at strategies and practical steps on how you can achieve alignment between your internal and external world. On one hand, I provide you with ideas on how to create the most impactful blueprint for you and your focus, on another, I guide you through the process of adapting your mindset to successfully live your authentic self.


1:1 Coaching

This format is optimal if you are looking to deep-dive into your self-discovery journey, looking for individual support and accountability throughout:

  • 6 x 1:1 calls (1 hr)

  • ​~3 months

  • On-going personal support over email

  • Price €1.000


Curious to explore a topic from one of the three stages of The Journey and get a feeling for who I am as coach? Keep your eye out for the next workshop:

  • Focus on 1 topic from The Journey stages

  • 1-2 hrs

  • Lifetime access to the related workshop space in Notion

  • Group size varies, limited spots

  • Participation price varies

  • Announced first exclusively to newsletter subscribers



  • Storytelling - visual, text, voice

  • Visionary & strategic thinking

  • Networking and relationship-building

  • Courageous exploration of the unknown

  • Ready to fail fast and iterate

  • Self-development perseverance


  • Sales & Marketing strategy

  • Strategic Project Management

  • C-suite presentations & reports

  • Account Management & CRM

  • Consumer & market research

  • Data analysis and insights identification