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Personal Branding

This is your personal branding journey - an individually developed program where you and I work 1:1 to develop your authentic personal brand. Based on your current situation and your desired goals, I will create a plan for you to (re-)discover, establish and expand your personal brand, in an authentic and sustainable way - be it in a professional or personal space. You will have my support along the whole journey, with discovery exercises, action blueprints and mindset growth.


Mindset and Personal Branding Expansion

This is an expansive workshop experience where my goal is for you to absorb knowledge in the most time-effective and impactful way. The workshops are single-topic built on a design thinking structure - always focused to give you the tools to convert theory into action during the workshop and directly afterwards. I guide you through the full journey, from aligning one's mindset to taking the practical steps to build your personal brand and confidently push your life & career strategy forward.

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