Authentic Personal Branding

This is your personal branding journey - an individually developed program where you and I work 1:1 to develop your authentic personal brand. Based on your current situation and your desired goals, I will create a plan for you to (re-)discover, establish and expand your personal brand, in an authentic and sustainable way - be it in a professional or personal space. You will have my support along the whole journey, with discovery exercises, action blueprints and mindset growth.

Beautiful soul, wouldn't it be magical to:

  • Feel confident about who you are and what you’re communicating to the world

  • Be able to show up as yourself everyday

  • Be the one in charge of your professional and personal career

  • Gain clarity around your goals

  • Feel like and be recognised as an expert in your field

  • Connect with the right people and opportunities for YOU

  • Feel seen, heard for who you are

  • Feel a strong alignment between your internal and external worlds

  • Communicate your inner truth - thoughts, desires, strengths, values, being - in an effortless and precise way

  • Be recognised by the world exactly in the way that you want to be

  • Live according to your rules and desires

  • Feel comfortable and at peace, knowing you’re fully living your inner truth

  • Feel energised and inspired to work on your personal brand

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Although right now, you’re rather experiencing…

  • A misalignment - something is not feeling 100% for you.

  • Your desires, values and inner truth are not reflected in your daily life.

  • You’ve built up a “successful” life, as seen from the outside, but you still don’t feel successful.

  • You don’t really know where to start because it seems like nothing is wrong - but deep inside you know you have to make a change.

  • You’re reluctant to communicate your brand to the world - you feel it’s all over the place and is lacking consistency

  • You keep on stumbling upon opportunities and people that don’t align with what you want or do

  • There’s a sense that your professional/personal career is influenced by external forces out of your control

  • You can’t really be your true self

  • You don’t feel confident in your profession

  • That there’s no recognition for your strengths and gifts as a professional

  • You feel Imposter syndrome creeping up continuously 

  • There’s a lack of inspiration to work on your personal brand

  • You feel an overall lack of joy in your everyday profession

Your 1:1 authentic personal brand journey with me

I truly enjoy investing time and effort into my clients 1:1 experience with me. Therefore, as my time is limited, I’m carefully selecting the clients with great care and focus based on your motivation and our chemistry. This is what you can expect:

  • A fully bespoke program developed based on your current position, your goals & the week by week 1:1 process

  • Access to multiple resources such as, templates, audio & video materials, library with external add-on sources to support your personal brand journey: taking action, creating assets, enhancing your knowledge about authentic personal branding and aligning your mindset

  • Free participation at all my paid public workshops during 1 year 

When you sign up: preparation of 1st coaching session (instructions + survey) -> I set up your personal branding journey documents (online, will be shared before 1st session).

At our first session: review of a) the PB journey space b) how to use the journey journal (and its benefits) c) the individual personal branding strategy for the upcoming months.

Our sessions will look like: walk through of the 1:1 journey journal (reflections, accountability, actions) -> set up actions & direction for the time until the next session, while all the content is tailored to you and your journey.

How to apply for 1:1

Currently, I have the capacity to work with 4 women per month hence availability is limited.  You can apply by scheduling a 30-min discovery call where we get to know each other and you’ll have the possibility to ask your questions about the 1:1 experience as well as a specific personal branding question (to be formulated in advance of the call). When there’s a synergy between us - alignment between what you are looking to achieve and what I can offer you - I will send you an official offer with the possibility to secure your spot.

Who is the 1:1 coaching program for?

The 1:1 authentic personal branding coaching with me is for you if:

  • You’ve had enough of the confusion and uneasiness around your personal brand, instead, you want to gain clarity and present your personal brand with confidence

  • Be it you’re a freelancer, business owner or employed professional - you want to be known by the surrounding for your strengths and expertise

  • You feel it’s finally time that you’re recognised for exactly who you ARE and what you can bring to the table

  • You can’t wait to feel alignment, peace and joy between your inner and outer worlds

  • You’re looking for a coach who can help you figuring out the building blocks that make up your authentic personal brand and guide you on how to put all the moving pieces together

  • You’re ready to do take ownership and control of your personal brand

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My coaching approach

I strongly believe an authentic approach to branding is the most impactful, sustainable and fun way to build a personal brand.


My coaching style is compassionate, thought provoking and holistic. I use a value based approach to personal branding, focusing on your individual strengths and applying design-thinking concepts to bring out your most authentic self and turning it into a unique & memorable personal brand.


I’m here to guide you on this authentic personal branding journey to reach the results that you desire. 


The overarching framework I use in my coaching is based on 3 stages - 1. self discovery, 2. your story and 3. the blueprint. 

  1. Self-discovery: In this part of the journey you will  unapologetically submerge in understanding who you are, what you like, what you believe in, what drives you and all the other building blocks that make up the whole you. I provide you with the resources and tools to approach different aspects of your inner truth. Also, I guide you to explore different angles to find the way that is the most impactful for you.

  2. Your story: Once you've reconnected with all your inner facets, the next step is to formulate it in a way most true to you and to use it as a base for external alignment in all aspects of your life. Be it for your professional career, romantic relationship, next home, hobbies - or anything else that you want to focus on. I support you with crafting your authentic story through exercises and worksheets to achieve tangible outcomes.

  3. Blueprint: After having a clear understanding of yourself and the story you want to share with the world, we look at strategies and practical steps on how you can achieve alignment between your internal and external world. On one hand, I provide you with ideas on how to create the most impactful blueprint for you and your focus, on another, I guide you through the process of adapting your mindset to successfully live your authentic self.

In the 4-month 1:1 coaching journey with me you'll get:

1. Tailored branding coaching

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 1hr call where we go deep to understand each of your specific personal branding building blocks and how to make them work for you and your personal brand

  • Your personal brand journey space with a lifetime access that includes supporting exercises and documents for your to use and document your personal branding journey 

  • An individual personal brand blueprint to guide you throughout your journey with me

  • A clear action plan by the end of each call to execute on in between sessions to reach your personal brand goals and create tangible results

  • A bi-weekly review document to prepare for our call making most of our time together

  • You'll receive personalised feedback from me on all personal branding assets and activities

  • I provide you with ongoing support via email throughout the program

  • ​As we work together, you will create/compile a set of tangible assets to use for your personal branding activities

  • Access to all my paid mindset and branding workshops for 1 year to further support your growth

  • ​The CliftonStrengths Top 5 strengths survey to identify YOUR unique set of strengths for your personal brand development

2. Support, accountability and guidance

3. And a few cherries on top 🍒 

The investment in your transformation

A monthly payment of €1.200 for your authentic personal branding journey.

The coaching can be billed as a business cost
(for freelancers and businesses)


What other souls say


Reagan Lehman
Social Media Manager

United States

" Last year, I was navigating an unexpected career transition. Adding a pandemic to that mix threw me into a textbook quarter-life crisis. Needless to say, I felt absolutely disoriented and lost.

Because of Viktoria’s mindset workshops, I finally started asking myself the *right* questions. Each session, I walked away with a clearer sense of my values, strengths, and direction. These have provided me a framework to guide both strategic and day-to-day life decisions.

Viktoria shows up to every session with enthusiasm for your personal mindset journey. She dedicates so much research and energy into each coaching session. I have thoroughly appreciated her framework, diligence, and guidance during this chapter of my life!"

Ariane A. A. Schüßler
Creative Clarity Coach

"Having Viktoria as a guide on my authentic personal brand journey has been an inspiring and deeply personal experience in the most beautiful way.

Viktoria is a ray of sunshine: she's committed, full of branding wisdom and professional - simply fun to work with!

In our coaching sessions I gained knowledge about the importance of branding work, how to clarify my message - all stemming from doing the deep work discovering who I am as a person, what I wish to portray through my business and ultimately the kind of work I do with my clients."

About Viktoria Roussina

Viktoria is a marketing strategist, mindset and personal branding coach who is committed to support human souls to access their authentic self and create a captivating and sustainable personal brand.

Raised in Sweden with a Russian father and Colombian mother, Viktoria had to face the question of "authenticity" at an early age. After 10+ years of professional sales & marketing experience in corporate and start-ups, working in different roles across industries in several EU countries, she discovered that showing up as her authentic self always resulted in the most fascinating, beautiful and impactful results.

Today, Viktoria uses her professional experience in combination with mindset mastery to build her own coaching brand as well as guide other souls on their authentic personal brand journey. 

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