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Mindset and Personal Branding Expansion

This is an expansive workshop experience where my goal is for you to absorb knowledge in the most time-effective and impactful way. The workshops are single-topic built on a design thinking structure - always focused to give you the tools to convert theory into action during the workshop and directly afterwards. I guide you through the full journey, from aligning one's mindset to taking the practical steps to build your personal brand and confidently push your life & career strategy forward.

Hey you, wouldn't it be magical to:

  • Feel fully equipped to craft your personal brand - being guided step-by-step to get you started and create a MAGNETIC personal brand

  • Have a sharp understanding of who you are and how you want to show up in the world - aligning your mindset and actions to unleash your MAGIC

  • Have a clear view of what “success” means to you - knowing what you WANT

  • Feel confident to push your life and/or career forward - fearlessly smash your goals and move towards your VISION

  • Feel like you’re personal brand truly represents who you are - personally and professionally - and you are ready to EXPRESS IT to the whole world


Although right now, you’re rather experiencing…

  • Misalignment - something is not feeling 100% for you. Your desires, values and inner truth are not reflected in your daily life

  • Imbalance - you feel unsettled with who you are and what your personal brand is

  • Confusion - you don’t know where to start to build your personal brand

  • Hesitation - you’re reluctant to share your personal brand to the public

  • Unwillingness - “networking” makes you want to cringe (but you know it’s good for your personal brand)

  • Doubt - you don’t feel confident in your personal and/or professional strategy 

The workshop experience
with me

​Holding workshops is a pure source of energy for me and as your facilitatory, you can expect the workshop to be exactly that: dynamic and joyful!

My goal is for you to experience immediate expansion of your mindset and personal branding toolbox.

  • I offer a range of topics for mindset and personal branding as well as self- and career-development

  • Each workshop is built with design thinking exercises to convert theory into action

  • The balance between mindset and action is taken into consideration in each session

  • All topics have practical tips to implement during and straight after the session

  • You will have access to various resources made to enhance your knowledge about personal branding (the true and honest kind) as well as aligning your mindset and actions


How to join a workshop

Does the workshop format sound like a good fit to you? That's awesomesauce! 👏
I host public workshops throughout the year based on my availability and the requests I get from my community. If you want to be the first to know when a juicy and expansive workshop will be held, sign up to my newsletter below and I will keep you posted 📨

Are you a Business?

If you're a business interested in hiring me, you can expect your people to transform: becoming more connected to their individual powers and equipped with the knowledge and tools on how to put it into action in the workplace. 

All workshops are unique and built around the group's needs and desires. 

How to book

Fill out the form below with details about what topic you’re interested in incl. details about the group size and desired time-frame. I’ll send you an initial workshop suggestion + schedule a call to adapt it further if needed.

Topics I’ve covered in the past: Values, Strengths, Passions , Creating a career blueprint , Personal Branding, Meaningful Networking, Soft skills, Designing your Future Self, Daily habits for success, Manifestation theory and techniques, Self-love & Self-care Limiting Beliefs and Habits, Reflection and introspection sessions


Who are the workshops for?

The workshop experience is for you if:

  • You’ve had enough of the confusion and uneasiness around your personal brand, instead, you want to gain clarity and present your personal brand with confidence

  • You want to be known by the surrounding for your strengths and expertise

  • You feel it’s finally time that you’re recognised for exactly who you ARE and the value you bring

  • You’re looking for a guide that can help you figuring out the building blocks that make up your personal brand and guide you on how to put all the moving pieces together

  • You’re ready to take ownership of your personal brand

Viktoria Roussina.jpg

My coaching approach

I strongly believe an introspective approach to branding is the most impactful, sustainable and fun way to build a personal brand.

My coaching style is compassionate, thought provoking and holistic. I use an approach stemming from your core values, focusing on your individual strengths and applying design-thinking concepts to bring out your most true self and turning it into a unique & memorable personal brand.

I’m here to guide you on this personal branding journey to reach the results that you desire. 

The overarching framework I use in my coaching is based on 3 stages - 1. self discovery, 2. the story and 3. the blueprint. 

  1. Self-discovery: In this part of the journey you unapologetically submerge in understanding who you are, what you like, what you believe in, what drives you and all the other building blocks that make up the whole “I”. I provide you with the resources and tools to approach different aspects of your inner truth. Also, I guide you to explore different angles to find what is most impactful for you.

  2. The story: Once you've reconnected with your inner facets, the next step is to formulate it in a way most true to you and to use it as a base for external alignment in all aspects of your life. Be it for your professional career, romantic relationship, next home, hobbies - or anything else that you want to focus on. I support you with crafting your story through exercises and worksheets and so achieve tangible outcomes.

  3. Blueprint: After having a clear understanding of who you are and the story you want to share with the world, we explore strategies and practical steps on how you can achieve alignment between their internal and external world. On one hand, I offer you ideas on how to create the most impactful blueprint for you and your focus, on the other, I guide you through the process of adapting your mindset to successfully live your true self.

Joining a workshop you'll get:

  • 2 - 6 hrs sessions

  • 1-2 topics/session

  • A workshop session includes

    • A theoretical base for each topic

    • Mindset work as a starting point to uncover any underlying blocks

    • Powerful design thinking exercises, turning theory into action

    • Time for you to exchange your experience and results with the group

    • Supporting templates and worksheets

    • CliftonStrengths Top 5 strengths survey included for specific topics

jazmin-quaynor-8ioenvmof-I-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

The investment


If you're an individual,
I offer a mix of free and paid public workshops, depending on the topic and situation.
Stay posted by signing up for my newsletter 🙌

If you're a business, 
the investment for a workshop depends on the session length
as well as number of participants. 

What other workshops participants say

"Viktoria was truly a master teacher and walked us through identifying our core values and to create an authentic purpose, vision and mission for ourselves."

Audrey - Workshop participant

"I am SO enjoying Viktoria’s session and finding her activities, questions, and input fruitful in crafting a concise vision for myself. "

Ashley - Workshop participant

"It’s been an amazing journey discovering my inner truths so far with Viktoria’s guidance!"

Kim - Workshop participant

About me, Viktoria Roussina

I’m a marketing strategist turned mindset and personal branding coach who is committed to support human souls to access their true self to create a magnetic and sustainable personal brand.

Raised in Sweden with a Russian father and Colombian mother, at an early age I was faced with the questions of identity.  After 10+ years of professional sales & marketing experience in corporate and start-ups, working in different roles across industries in several EU countries, I discovered that showing up as my true self - no hiding - always resulted in the most fascinating, beautiful and impactful results.

Today, I use my professional experience in combination with mindset mastery to build my own coaching brand as well as guide other souls on their personal brand journey.

Viktoria Roussina head shot 2020_edited.
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