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Ellevate Network Podcast: Raise Her Voice - Untold Stories Around The World

I got the opportunity to share my story "Confessions of a Quitter" on the 200th episode of the Ellevate Network Podcast, as part of the #RaiseHerVoice campaign.

I quit my job, my apartment and my relationship - without a plan B. For me it was so obvious that I couldn't go on with how things were, with neither of the mentioned 3 key pillars of life, because I was unhappy in all of them. But I realize that it's not always that obvious.

With my story, how I came to the decision to "quit it all", I hope to inspire others to take a moment and slow down. To give themselves the permission to go within, to really ask "who am I?" and and put words on it. Because, when your inner world is aligned with your outer world, you step into your highest potential and start living your truth - you become unstoppable.

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