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Confession of a Quitter

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

I quit my job at a European unicorn company.

I quit my apartment of +70m2 in a high profile neighborhood.

I quit my relationship with a person that, on paper, had all the characteristics I looked for in a partner.

I quit all of the above within three weeks in summer 2019 and I had no plan B for neither one (ok no. 3 is anyway somewhat out of my control to be fair)

But you know what. I haven’t been happier and more excited about what is to come. Because I realized the values of the business didn’t align with my own, I was no longer motivated and questioned my role in this thing we call “life” - which made me unhappy. Because I realized that, besides sleeping, I spent a total of 2 hours/weekday in a place that was 60% empty - which made me (indirectly) unhappy. . Because I realized that no matter how compatible you are with a person on paper - interests, day rhythm, diet, humor - it all comes down to compatibility on a communication & energy level. And with the current state of the affair, I was unhappy. I really couldn’t “care less” that I’m quitting a well paid job, a beautiful apartment, a picture perfect relationship. I really couldn’t care less what people might think and say about me. I have faith in my abilities, skills, I believe in the energy that I posses and I’m not worried about the future without a plan B. I’m determined to feel and look happy.

Because ultimately, happiness is the ROI of life and I’m 100% accountable for that.

As seen on LinkedIn Photo cred to the talented @e__mate - thank you for capturing my energy in a photo

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