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Exploring my Values


in collaboration with The Early Career Women Collective
  • Are you looking to better align your inner and outer world?

  • Would you like to show up more as your truthful self?

  • Do you wish to deeper understand what drives and motivates you in life so you can tap into this power whenever you want and need?

If you’ve said “yes” to one of the above, then, exploring your personal values is a step to achieve this. Knowing and living your personal values is key to understanding yourself better, living your truth and aligning your inner and outer world.


Join the "Exploring my Values" workshop on 
Saturday, May 1st, at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CEST

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About this workshop

The "Exploring my Values" workshop is a jump-start to define and reconnect with your personal values to be able to implement them with confidence in your daily life for greater alignment, truthful living and feelings of clarity.


What you will get

  • A guided 2-hours deep-dive into your personal values

  • In-session design thinking exercises

  • Supporting worksheets during and after the session

  • Continuous coaching throughout the session

  • Access to session recording

  • Presentation slides to download

  • Life-time access to the Workshop Hub which includes:

    • ​All workshop materials mentioned above

    • Workshop agenda

    • Additional worksheets

    • Complementary links & resources for your value journey

    • All future updates to the workshop material

What you can expect

  • Precise understanding of the concept of values and their importance and impact in our lives

  • Impactful design thinking exercises to identify and reconnect with  your personal values

  • Smart approaches to organise, rank and implement your persona values in your daily life

  • Empowering clarity of what is important for YOU based on your identified personal values


Your Key Take-away

A list of ranked personal values

This workshop is for you, if:

  • You feel there’s a mismatch between who you are and the life you lead. 

  • You want to understand yourself better at the core - what drives and motivates you in all aspects of your life. 

  • You have never had a thought about your personal values and are ready to re-connect with yours.

  • You have an idea about your personal values and want to explore them on a deeper level.


Date: Saturday, 1st of May, 2021
Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CEST
Duration: 2 hours
Ticket: €25 / ~$30*

*dependent on the daily exchange rate applied on Eventbrite at check-out  

When you sign up you will:

  • receive the workshop zoom link directly

  • get access to the Workshop Hub within the next 24 hours.
    In the Workshop Hub you will find the agenda, the worksheets that will be used during the session as well as some additional goodies ;)

Ready to sign up?

Your sign-up will be fulfilled through Eventbrite

Your coach, Viktoria

Viktoria is the Mindset Coach for the Early Career Women Collective. She holds monthly workshops for the members on topics such as values, strengths, passion, personal branding and networking to equip the members with the mindset, practices and tools to grow their authentic personal brand and share it with the world. Her coaching is value & strength-based with a design thinking approach, optimism and a touch of spirituality.

Viktoria Roussina.jpg

Your host,
Early Career Women Collective

The Early Career Women Collective Membership Community is a leadership development community for early career women led by a global mentoring network of successful women leaders—executives, managers, academics, mentors, leadership development professionals and others—who are passionate about investing in the lives of women like you and advancing women’s leadership in this remarkably historical moment.

Your sign-up will be fulfilled through Eventbrite


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