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The Self-discovery Experiment

How getting to know myself helped me create the life that I want

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Hi, I’m Viktoria and I'm here to share with you my Self-discovery Experiment, to inspire and guide you as you embark and continue on your own journey of self-discovery.

How? You can join me for a ritual, sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram.

Looking forward to connecting with you!



See & feel for yourself

crystal incense stick ritual

New Moon Ritual - LIVE
Free - online - 20.04.2023 @ 21:00 CET

Setting your intentions during the New Moon gives your manifestation practice an energy boost. This is the time for reviewing what you want and giving the Universe the opportunity to provide you with exactly that. 

Join me LIVE for the New Moon Ritual  🌑

full moon black sky

Free - online - 04.05.2023 @ 21:00 CET

Working with the Full Moon is a powerful practice to tap into the energy of surrender, forgiveness and gratitude - three aspects that are vital for your manifestation practice to continue to flourish. 

Join me LIVE for the Full Moon Ritual 🌕 

Greta W.jpg

Greta, Austria

Working with Viktoria has the power to change your life upside down. It was an ABSOLUTE pleasure joining her Authentic Self workshop - it was empowering, multidimensional and transformational! I really enjoyed going into all areas; past, present and future and self-expression. It helped me to realise what my true purpose in my life is, and see that I have to adjust my path accordingly.

Viktoria has this warm, loving, open aura, it feels like the biggest energetic hug. I felt 100% safe sharing my fears and doubts and going through the four modules I felt like a new person after this experience. I can only highly recommend you to join next time!

Thank you, Viktoria for this experience!

Reagan, USA

Last year, I was navigating an unexpected career transition. Adding a pandemic to that mix threw me into a textbook quarter-life crisis. Needless to say, I felt absolutely disoriented and lost.

Because of Viktoria’s mindset workshops, I finally started asking myself the *right* questions. Each session, I walked away with a clearer sense of my values, strengths, and direction. These have provided me a framework to guide both strategic and day-to-day life decisions.

Viktoria shows up to every session with enthusiasm for your personal mindset journey. She dedicates so much research and energy into each coaching session. I have thoroughly appreciated her framework, diligence, and guidance during this chapter of my life!


Self-discovery is a powerful practice to unlock your life's full potential & supports you to:

→ develop a loving relationship with the most important person to you - yourself
→ realise what's important to you & define your version of success
→ express your authentic self to the world
→ receive the right invitations across your life
→ attract & surround yourself with the people that support and believe in you
→ build a romantic relationship based on respect, support, kindness and shared values
→ find the balance between your different areas of life

→ become an intentional manifester & experience magic



  • searching for answers without knowing the question

  • trying to find the missing pieces of the puzzle that is you

  • hitting every milestone of so-called success without it being enough

  • lost in relationships that seem perfect on paper but don’t work out

  • looking for a home physically & energetically without knowing what a home looks & feels like

  • using your strengths and not being recognised 


  • your frustration of not having the “why”

  • your confusion of not knowing where to look for yourself

  • feeling unsuccessful although you've achieved “success”

  • the bitterness for not being recognised and anger for being treated unfairly

  • the resentment from not setting your boundaries

  • Feeling hurt and betrayed by people you trusted


"I don't know what is missing"

"What's wrong with me?"

"Why doesn't this ever end?"

"I am so tired"

"What did I do wrong?"

"Why can't they see me?"

Judit S.JPG

Judit, Spain

Working with Viktoria is such a warm feeling that inspires confidence and love. It's like having her holding your hand and guiding you with kindness through an inner journey to the most valuable source: yourself. This experience was truly insightful and illuminating with a safe space for sharing. The meditations were especially powerful! I unlocked things to work on and validated already strong ideas in my mind. It made everything more coherent and helped a lot with self-confidence.
Pia B.jpeg

Pia, Germany

In Viktoria’s workshop, I realised that I enjoy expressing myself - it’s fun! Also, I connected with my inner child and felt such love for her, it was a positive and easy journey guided beautifully by Viktoria. Overall I found the workshop experience caring as Viktoria brings warm energy to the sessions. You will feel super comfortable and it will be awesome to connect in this loving environment.


Is this you?

Energy Elixir Board 2023 Pinterest.png

I've created this Pinterst board with a visual presentation of the energy that I aim to create during each moon ritual and workshop.

Do you recognise yourself? Is it calling you? Does it resonate?
Did you get goosebumps?!

If you said yes to any of the above - then I invite you to join me during one of the upcoming Moon Rituals and feel for yourself.

Claudia W.jpeg

Claudia, Germany

I loved all the open-minded and inspiring people that Viktoria brought together in this workshop! The workshop showed me that I have come further than I thought when it comes to knowing myself. I feel I’m on the right path to healing, discovering and loving myself. The workshop was truly empowering for me. My favourite part was the Design Thinking style exercises we did - they helped us to go really deep into the topics.

Viktoria radiates warmth and compassion and is honestly interested in the person in front of her. I would definitely recommend coaching or a workshop with Viktoria, especially to people who have not explored themselves that much.

Ariane, Germany

Having Viktoria as a guide on my authentic self journey has been an inspiring and deeply personal experience in the most beautiful way.

Viktoria is a ray of sunshine: she's committed, full of self-discovery wisdom and professional - simply fun to work with!

In our coaching sessions I gained knowledge about the importance of branding work, how to clarify my message - all stemming from doing the deep work discovering who I am as a person, what I wish to portray through my business and ultimately the kind of work I do with my clients.


You’ve had enough of feeling confused and you want to get clarity about your “why”

You are curious about getting to know yourself on a deeper level

You’re looking for guidance on your self-discovery journey, be it you’re just starting out or have been on this journey already for a while

The thought of a community of like-minded people, where everyone is on the path of discovering themselves more profoundly, resonates with you

You’re ready to do take ownership of your personal growth and, thus, your future

You believe in, or at least are open to explore, the power of the mind through manifestation, magic and rituals and what it can do for you

Ultimately, I believe YOU will feel if this is for you or not.
Nevertheless, sometimes it can be helpful to get a bit of an insight when we’re on the fence.

Livia F 1.jpg

Livia, Spain

I completely lost track of time during the program, and that never happens. For the time spent, I was so focused on myself and on the experience of others and it felt great.
I felt safe enough to jump on the process and make the most out of it. I realised that there’s so much more to know about myself! The flow of the program was dynamic with different formats - you never knew what was coming next. My favourite part was the exercises - I felt like I could get into them and gain insights.
It was an amazing experience, safe and honest, facilitated through Viktoria’s caring and professional coaching style.
Laura W.JPG

Laura, Austria

This experience was life-changing for me - I learned so much about myself and what I want in life. Before signing up I did not know what would await me, but any expectations did get beaten by what we did. Viktoria, with her calm and genuine energy, created an incredibly safe and sacred space for us to explore and share our insights. 

In this journey, you'll be doing intense, hands-on work on yourself, touching upon 4 diverse pillars of yourself. For me personally, the past self module was so ground-shaking. I had never worked with my inner child before and now I have the feeling it woke up again and I love it!

I really, really recommend this workshop for everyone who's curious about themselves - be ready for an eye-opening experience!


Viktoria Roussina

After 10+ years in corporate sales & marketing, I quit my "successful" job at a European Unicorn company without a Plan B. I wanted to figure things out but I had no idea how or where to start. Instead, I embraced random events & encounters, that took me on an intense journey within. Cue: confusion, anger, resentment, bitterness, hopelessness, hurt and many many tears.
I decided to do something about this. I gave myself the permission to get to know myself to the core, to tap into my strengths, passions and desires and to change what was not working. Besides reading and doing self-development exercises on my own, I also started to work with different coaches (life, mindset, business). 

On this self-discovery journey, I gained so much clarity about who I am, what I want and what's holding me back. As a result of the time and effort I put into myself, magically, my external world started to align with my newly re-discovered internal world.


Within 3 years of quitting my job I have manifested a job aligned with my values, a marriage, a baby, a house and a new career. And these are only the "epic milestones". 

I know this is also possible for you. You don't have to chase, hustle or beg for beautiful things to come into your life. I'm passionate about sharing the experience - the tools, the books, the exercises, the habits, the mindset - of my self-discovery journey with you so that you and try it out for yourself. 


Olalla, USA

Viktoria created a safe space where you can focus on yourself. She has a very warm and calming energy, which was especially impactful when doing the meditations! This experience has a very dynamic flow, and the exercises are very interesting & powerful, which makes the experience very fun and light, but at the same time very deep. You explore your past, current and future self, so you really work on every aspect of yourself, and then for the last part you also work on your self-expression. I walked away with more clarity about what I wanted and what I need to focus on.

If you're not really sure what direction you should take in your life, or you want a change in your life, or simply get to know yourself better and spend time with yourself, then this is what you need.
Christine O.jpg

Christine, Austria

I have been doing self-development work for the past 5 years and most of the information about myself was known to me already as we went through the program. However, I loved to see how far I already am on my journey which I was really happy about. I also discovered a new area to explore: my inner child.

Viktoria is so lovely and kind. She really cares about her clients and wants everyone to have a good time. She is very knowledgeable and has lots of personal stories that are relevant and show that she has been going through all of it herself. If you wanna take a deep dive into your own self-development Viktoria is definitely the right person to do that with.


How long is a New/Full Moon ritual?

The ritual takes roughly ~1 hour. Sometimes it goes faster, sometimes it’s asking for more time. 

Why are the rituals so late in the evening (CET)?

I will keep it real: the main reason is that that’s the time when my baby is sound asleep and I can relax and focus on something else (with minimal disruptions). 
Other reasons that also play a role: the evening energy is adding to the experience, doing the practice before going to bed is relaxing as well as supporting the consolidation of the intentions set/releasing done.

Are the Moon Rituals really for free and why?

Yes they’re for free because it’s a practice I do myself anyway and invite you to simply join in on the practice and tap into the energy container that I hold. I believe that together we can create an even stronger boost for our manifestations.

Are the Workshops also free?

No, the workshops I'm hosting have a cost to them. The reason is that for the workshops I tap into my expertise and experience, do a lot of preparation and organisation as well as give the participants individual attention within the workshop. 


Why should I join a ritual/workshop?

I’m not here to convince you to do anything. I believe the right people will feel called to join, it will be a pull - rather than a push. You will know for yourself if it’s something for you.

Who are the Rituals for?

You can read the section “This is for you, if..”. Ultimately I believe you know if this is for you or not and both outcomes are respected.


How do Moon Rituals support me in my self-discovery journey?

The rituals are moments you consciously take to focus on what you want (new moon) and what is holding you back (full moon). By doing this continuously, you will start to see patterns and can address these through daily or focused self-development practices/exercises to expand the positive patterns and dissolve the negative ones. After all, time is of the essence to get to know a person, even yourself. And using that time to ask “deep” questions (“what do I really want?”, “what is holding me back?”) is what deepens the relationship. 

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