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Branded website in 3 hrs

Hey you, conscious soul!
How much time do you think it took me to set up this workshop page?

Did you guess 1 day? Maybe 5 hours? 

Actually, it took me 30 minutes - yes, you read that right! And that's all thanks to my no-bullshit branding & website process (&

In this workshop, I will show you how you can set up a branded website, like my own, in 3 hours while having fun. So much fun, that you will want to set up more branded websites when you're done! <-- this happened to me! :D
  • Are you a conscious soloprenuer that is ready to showcase your services to the world?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the thought of creating the perfect visual brand identity?

  • Are you feeling confused about the technicalities of setting up a website?

Then I invite you to join my workshop, where I will show you how to:

  • Create a visual brand identity on your own (and update w/o limits)

  • Ideate your website in a efficient way (and make changes w/o headaches)

  • Set up you website smoothly (and for free, if you are testing the waters)

​I'm Viktoria, a self-discovery coach with a 10+ years professional career in corporate sales & marketing. I'm not a brand strategist and I'm not a web designer. And this is my advantage in being able to create a no-bullshit, lean and enjoyable process when it comes to creating a visual brand identity and setting up a website.

No previous experiences or skills needed!


This is a 100% DIY process that has been tested and tweaked since 2019 - and it works, 'cause sales & marketing I do know ;) 

Date: Sunday, March 19th 

Time: 6-9pm CET

Cost: 25€

What other participants are saying about my workshops
Greta W.jpg
"Working with Viktoria has the power to change your life upside down. It was an ABSOLUTE pleasure joining her Authentic Self workshop - it was empowering, multidimensional and transformational!

Viktoria has this warm, loving, open aura, it feels like the biggest energetic hug.  I can only highly recommend you to join next time!"
Judit S.JPG
"Working with Viktoria is such a warm feeling that inspires confidence and love. It's like having her holding your hand and guiding you with kindness through an inner journey to the most valuable source: yourself.
This experience was truly insightful and illuminating with a safe space for sharing."
Pia B.jpeg
"In Viktoria’s workshop, I realised that I enjoy expressing myself - it’s fun! Also, I connected with my inner child and felt such love for her, it was a positive and easy journey guided beautifully by Viktoria.

Overall I found the workshop experience caring as Viktoria brings warm energy to the sessions. You will feel super comfortable and it will be awesome to connect in this loving environment."

Greta, Austria

Judit, Spain

Pia, Germany

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