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I believe knowing yourself to the core is the base to align our internal and external worlds.

Born and raised in Sweden, to a Colombian mother and a Russian father, my life has always been culturally colourful and with a focus on people.

I grew up as a 4th culture child, never fitting in anywhere but at the same time feeling home everywhere - a citizen of the world. My quest for my own identity took me from the woods of Hälsingland, Sweden to Spain and Germany and developing expertise in sales & marketing within the fashion industry. 



The Shift

I have always felt most fulfilled when I can help people, in one way or another.


However, I had not noticed that in the process of doing so, I forgot to put myself first and denied helping myself. This led slowly, but surely, to a meltdown. The year I turned 30, everything around me crashed and burned and I was physically and emotionally broken down to the ground. With support from a transformational coach, I released all that was holding me down:

I quit my job at a European unicorn company.

I quit my apartment of +75m2 in a high profile neighbourhood in Berlin.

I quit my relationship with a person that, on paper, had all the characteristics I looked for in a partner.

I quit all of the above within a timeframe of 3 weeks during summer 2019 and I had no plan B for neither one.



Because I realised the values of the business didn’t align with my own, I was no longer motivated and questioned my role in what we call “life” - I was unhappy. 

Because I realised that, besides sleeping, I spent a total of 2 hours/weekday in a place that was 60% empty - I was unhappy. 

Because I realised that no matter how compatible you are with a person on paper - interests, day rhythm, diet, humour - it all comes down to compatibility on a communication & energy level. And with the current state of the affair, I was unhappy.

The Discovery

In the midst of it all, I realised that my personal worst-case scenario, if I would take the “risk” and quit it all, is that I move back in with my parents in the Swedish woods - with Wi-Fi.


With my newfound perspective, I acted, without a Plan B.

And as soon as I did, the universe aligned in my favour - through random encounters & opportunities, via tough decisions and prioritizations and by truly looking inside of myself, in combination with the support from a full potential coach who "gave" me the permission to submerge in my own self-discovery as well as developing solid mindset practices enhanced with an action-approach. Through all this, I reconnected with:


  • my superpowers - storytelling

  • my passion - to share knowledge

  • my purpose - to support people getting to know themselves and become more aligned in their life


The Result

I'm still experiencing the result from my personal self-discovery journey where I re-connected with my values, strengths, passions and future visions as well as were able to formulate all of this graphically and in writing. Doing this, allowed me to show up as my authentic self in every aspect of my life. Within a year:

  • I was offered a job where the role aligned with my strengths and the company aligned with my core values

  • I was asked to hold continuous workshops about mindset, values, self-discovery and authentic persona branding 

  • Met a person who shares my personal core values as well as future vision (& is also half-Russian!)

  • Started building my dream house with my partner

  • Got engaged

  • Started my coaching business

... and the best is yet to come!

The Calling


A reality where each individual embraces their inner truth and thrives in harmony with their environment


Guiding people on their self-discovery journey and empower them to share their unique story in the most impactful way by providing them with tools, resources and inspiration


Through value & strength based coaching with a design thinking approach and a touch of spirituality

My Story on the Ellevate Network Podcast 

"Happy 200th episode! On this special celebration of International Women's Day and our podcast's 200th episode, Kristy Wallace goes on a listening tour around the world as six brave women share their untold stories in the workplace, as a part of the Raise Her Voice series. They are Asheefa Sarangi, Elizabeth Moses, Bonnie Low-Kramen, Viktoria Roussina, and Dr. Salma Nashef. "

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