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Mindset & Magic

Hi star, I’m Viktoria - your mindset and magic coach.

I guide conscious women like yourself on their journey of self-discovery towards an aligned inner and outer world.

You might believe that mindset and magic contradict each other.

I believe that mindset and magic are 2 of the same coin - they are intertwined.

What your mind can create for you sometimes feels like magic - because it actually is magic.

How? You can join me for a ritual or sign up for my newsletter to hear my story and find out for yourself.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

All the love,

Mindset & magic coach Viktoria Roussina in a grey sweater is looking into the camera while hoding a disco ball on her right shoulder representing the moon



See & feel for yourself

An incense glowing with smoke with a black background and a text overlazy saying "join a new moon ritual to give your manifestation practice a boost"

Free - online

Setting your intentions during the New Moon gives your manifestation practice an energy boost. This is the time for reviewing what you want and giving the Universe the opportunity to provide you with exactly that. 

Join me LIVE for the New Moon Ritual  🌑

A yellow full moon shining bright in the black night with her light being reflected in the dark sea below and a text overlazy saying "join a new moon ritual to give your manifestation practice a boost"

Free - online

Working with the Full Moon is a powerful practice to tap into the energy of surrender, forgiveness and gratitude - three aspects that are vital for your manifestation practice to continue to flourish. 

Join me LIVE for the Full Moon Ritual 🌕 


Viktoria Roussina

After 10+ years in corporate sales & marketing, I quit my "successful" job at a European Unicorn company without a Plan B. I wanted to figure things out but I had no idea how or where to start. Instead, I embraced random events & encounters, that took me on an intense journey within. Cue: confusion, anger, resentment, bitterness, hopelessness, hurt and many many tears.
I decided to do something about this. I gave myself the permission to get to know myself to the core, to tap into my strengths, passions and desires and to change what was not working. Besides reading and doing self-development exercises on my own, I also started to work with different coaches (life, mindset, business). 

On this self-discovery journey, I gained so much clarity about who I am, what I want and what's holding me back. As a result of the time and effort I put into myself, magically, my external world started to align with my newly re-discovered internal world.

Mindset & magic coach Viktoria Roussina in a grey sweater is looking to the side and smiling while hoding a disco ball above her head representing the moon

Within 3 years of quitting my job I have manifested a job aligned with my values, a marriage, a baby, a house and a new career. And these are only the "epic milestones". 

I know this is also possible for you. You don't have to chase, hustle or beg for beautiful things to come into your life. I'm passionate about sharing the experience - the tools, the books, the exercises, the habits, the mindset - of my self-discovery journey with you so that you and try it out for yourself. 


How long is a New/Full Moon ritual?

The ritual takes roughly ~1 hour. Sometimes it goes faster, sometimes it’s asking for more time. 

Why are the rituals so late in the evening (CET)?

I will keep it real: the main reason is that that’s the time when my baby is sound asleep and I can relax and focus on something else (with minimal disruptions). 
Other reasons that also play a role: the evening energy is adding to the experience, doing the practice before going to bed is relaxing as well as supporting the consolidation of the intentions set/releasing done.

Are the Moon Rituals really for free and why?

Yes they’re for free because it’s a practice I do myself anyway and invite you to simply join in on the practice and tap into the energy container that I hold. I believe that together we can create an even stronger boost for our manifestations.

Are the Workshops also free?

No, the workshops I'm hosting have a cost to them. The reason is that for the workshops I tap into my expertise and experience, do a lot of preparation and organisation as well as give the participants individual attention within the workshop. 


Why should I join a ritual/workshop?

I’m not here to convince you to do anything. I believe the right people will feel called to join, it will be a pull - rather than a push. You will know for yourself if it’s something for you.

Who are the Rituals for?

This is for you if you're ready to take responsibility to create your future. This is for you if you're excited to do the inner work (reflection) as well as the outer work (taking action). This is for you if you believe that you have the power to change your inner and outer world. Ultimately I believe you know if this is for you or not and both outcomes are respected.


How do Moon Rituals support me in my self-discovery journey?

The rituals are moments you consciously take to focus on what you want (new moon) and what is holding you back (full moon). By doing this continuously, you will start to see patterns and can address these through daily or focused self-development practices/exercises to expand the positive patterns and dissolve the negative ones. After all, time is of the essence to get to know a person, even yourself. And using that time to ask “deep” questions (“what do I really want?”, “what is holding me back?”) is what deepens the relationship. 

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